About Us - Our Story

Kaylin Rees

Kaylin Rees- Client Advocate

First car: 2016 Toyota Corolla. Today I prefer an SUV. As a mother of two, our family needs the space. Plus, there’s no better way to enjoy the holidays than loading everyone up in the family car and checking out the Christmas lights.


I have my dad to thank for my first car and my career path. I have followed in his footsteps by working in this industry, and I love it. When I am not doing mom duties or taking care of the animals on our farm, I am at work ready to share my love of cars with everyone who walks in the door. 


To be successful in this business, authenticity and trust need to be the cornerstone of the relationship between the client and I. That relationship doesn’t end when you drive off the lot with your new car. If you need a tutorial on how something works, come on back. Not sure how to turn the radio off? Technology a little different than your last car? I’ve got you covered. 


There’s a tradition in the car industry (originally for military pilots). When you sell your first vehicle your tie is cut in half to “cut the tie that binds”. You are ready to fly solo. I’ll always remember my first sale: a 2015 Tundra. And I know that was just the first of many. I am here to help with a smile on my face and a positive energy that can’t be beat! 

Keith Lowell- Sales Manager

First car: 1976 Plymouth Duster. I paid $300 for it. The paint on the inside roof panel was coming off so all of my friends would draw and write all over it when they were in it. It looked like a graffiti mural when I finally sold it. I have a 1964 Dodge Dart that I have owned since high school. My dream car is either a 1992 Dodge Viper, or a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.


I was raised in the car industry and I started working for my dad at the age of 16. I sold my first car in 1992 and it has been my life ever since. When I am not at Discovery Auto Group, I love to spend time with my kids. I also love baseball and NASCAR. I have been to every Daytona 500 since 2001, and I love vacationing in Las Vegas whenever I get the chance.


I want our customers to enjoy the experience of buying a vehicle. It is supposed to be fun, not a tedious, drawn out process. The DAG team and I are going to do everything we can to get you the car you want, and get you on the road as quickly as possible.


Just wait until you experience buying a vehicle the Discovery Auto Group way! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable it is.

Mel Dodd

Mel Dodd- Shop Manager

First car: 1976 Pinto. I have been working on cars since I was ten, and I even built the motor for my ’76 Pinto even though I didn’t receive it until years later. 


I guess you could say working on cars is in my blood. I grew up in shops and garages. Even today in my free time I work on vehicles when I am not riding motorcycles, hunting, or camping. 


I am ASE certified with over 20 years of experience, and I love it here. The challenge of my job as the shop manager fascinates me. I never know exactly what vehicles we are getting in, and that unknown factor makes my job a blast. Whether it’s a lift kit or towing package, if it makes the customer happy, it is all worthwhile. Top it off with a culture that’s hard working, family oriented, and fun, and I can easily say this is the best place I have worked.


When it comes to shopping for a car, customers should absolutely choose us. We spend the time and money to make the vehicles correct and safe for the long term. We don’t have a vehicle on the lot that I wouldn’t trust my kids or family in, and I think that speaks volumes for the products and services we provide. 

Danny Hoff- Shop Supervisor

First car: 1997 Acura CL (but my favorite car is a 1964 Chevy C10, and I am going to own that classic truck someday).


There are so many things I love about my job. Anything mechanical, I am on it. A vehicle needs new panels or needs to be repainted? I’m there. However, there is one thing that falls at the bottom of my list: vacuuming dog hair. I’ll do it, but it’s not fun.


I was the third employee hired when DAG opened, and I am proud to be an employee. We have had our core group here since the beginning. We have a small team, everyone has a job title, but everyone is willing to help wherever they can. Everyone should be as lucky as I am to be excited to head into work. 


Discovery Auto Group has grown and there’s a reason why. We understand purchasing a car is a big investment. We want you to be picky, so you choose the perfect vehicle for you. And we want you to have a positive buying experience. We take the time, and we spend the money, so our cars are 100% when you buy them off the lot. And don’t worry, all the dog hair has been vacuumed up – I made sure of that. 

Tai Lanning

Tai Lanning- Porter & detailer

First car: 2004 1500 Ram Hemi (but I dream of driving a Volvo XC90).


Balancing college classes and work can be demanding, but my ADHD makes it easy. I love my job, especially taking the pictures and making sure our photos are elevated from others you may see in the valley. Outside of work and school you will find me camping, fishing, cross-country skiing, and traveling.


At DAG we take the time with the details and we make the cars feel brand new again. The sticker may list a year in the past, but we know it’s a new car to you and we want you to feel excited to drive the car off the lot. 


I don’t believe in wasted time because you can always learn something from every experience. And at DAG, I have learned a great deal about cars, about company culture, and about serving the customer. Our company is based on hard work, honesty, and integrity. And it doesn’t get any better than that. 

Chris Haugen

Chris Haugen- General Manager

First car: White 1988 Oldsmobile 98. It was my aunt’s car and it was passed down through all of my cousins before it became mine. It was a good car except when it would randomly shut off while sitting at a stoplight. Now that was embarrassing as a teenager.


Growing up in rural Minnesota, I was driving at the age of 8. It’s just what kids did to help the family on the farm. Since then, I’ve had many cars from a 1979 Nova to a 1971 Volkswagen Bus with a fake cherry pie in the window. My favorite vehicle to date was a floral delivery van and it sure did bring me a lot of joy. I literally drove around all day delivering bouquets of flowers and making people happy. 


Since 2004, I have made cars my business. I truly enjoy the industry because I get to interact with people and guide them through a big and important decision. Just like delivering flowers, I still get to make people happy and feel good.


As a leader at DAG, I don’t take anything for granted. Why would I ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself? Everyone here does their job and more, because nothing works without everyone working together. It makes me smile to know that people look forward to coming here to buy a car. All the credit goes to the entire team. When everyone is happy the job becomes fun. When you walk into DAG, you sense that. Customers leave happy. The best part is when you truly make someone happy, you have done more than just sell something, you have created a relationship with them.


I’ve worked with both franchises and independent dealerships, but Discovery Auto Group is home. Let us help you feel good behind the wheel. If you’re happy, then we are too.

Rebecca Bregar

Rebecca Bregar- Office Manager

First car: 1993 Geo Metro, two-door. I bought it shortly after I had my daughter, so I had to fit 2 car seats in it for over 3 years. It was tight but it got the job done for sure. I think I sold it for $300.


I love cars now, obviously. My job is to make sure you don’t feel a bump in the road to purchasing your car. I’m definitely a jack of all trades when it comes to what I do here. I handle titlework, loans, payroll, taxes, and everything that has to do with getting you on your way smoothly. But I, like everyone at Discovery Auto Group, can easily take over for just about everything. I absolutely love my job, because it’s not just my job, it’s part of my life and it’s part of what makes me, me.


I love to create, one of my passions is confectionery. I have a real knack for decorating cakes and I do them all the time for others. That, along with being a health nut and going to the gym all the time. I love to pursue my interests and build relationships along the way. I want you to know when you walk into Discovery Auto Group, that we’re human too. We know that everyone is going through different stages of their lives and we want to cultivate your purchase experience to whatever stage that is.


I’ve been here since day one, and watching Discovery Auto Group unfold into the successful dealership it is today has been insane. I remember the first vehicle we bought. I remember our first customer. I remember the first car we sold. I remember our beginning like it was yesterday. We were definitely overlooked at the start. I always heard that the first 3 years of a new business is when you find out if you are destined to succeed or doomed to fail. Everyone told us we fit in the second category, we were just another car dealership looking to scam people into buying overpriced cars. But that’s not who we are. We are here to serve you, not us. Discovery Auto Group has prevailed and overcome expectations in every way possible, and it makes me proud. I have been in this industry since 2002, and I know it is a privilege and an honor for you to choose us. It is our goal to take the opportunity and make it the best car-buying experience you can have.